Friday, April 20, 2012


The past few years in my search for beautiful interiors, I've started to really step out of the box when it comes to patterns. I used to be the designer that liked very streamlined, geometric patterns and neutral colors, but pattern (and color!) has become a huge part of interiors and the more I see them, the more I've been drawn to them. Pattern and color have really become the focal point to many spaces and I've even started to incorporate them into my personal spaces (which I'll share later). Here are some images that have really caught my eye.

 ::Art Deco Pop to a great makeup space::

:: Who wouldn't want this in their backyard!?::

:: No words, so many colors and patterns,
yet they all compliment each other::

 ::Great dimensional wallpaper and a great way
 to make a smaller area feel interesting::

 ::You can even use patterns and textures
to create a sophisticated space::

::Another way to use texture and pattern in a sophisticated way,
a bold chevron rug that anchors the white, airy room::

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