Monday, June 11, 2012

Beth Webb

I came across Beth Webb in the latest issue of House Beautiful and her timeless English country home design in Atlanta. The space is simple, classic and creates a light and breezy feel. Beth uses color beautifully in all her designs, whether it's a light palette or uses strong, saturated hues. I went to her website and she has very similar design philosophy that I do. My favorite quote of hers is...
"I'm always working! As a designer and visual person you're always taking in everything around you and looking for inspiration and new ways of seeing the world." 
People don't realize that when you're a designer you are always completely surrounded with it. You can't just leave the office and turn it off for the weekend like most jobs. It's everywhere. Whether it's a restaurant, someones home, or outdoor spaces I'm always taking it in and thinking about what I like about the space, what I would change to make it better and how certain things make me feel. Design has a lot of psychology involved (but that's for a different day). 

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