Thursday, June 21, 2012

Decisions Decisions

Almost every year since I started college I've been on the move from one dorm/apartment to the next and unfortunately, it still isn't over. After almost a year in my current apartment it's almost time for the search to begin. I've always been known to like change in where I live because it's nice to change up locations and have new spaces to design and decorate every year, but it will be nice to be able to have a permanent place some day so I can really get my hands dirty. 
We're trying to decide where I want to live, whether it's downtown in an apartment complex with all the amenities (pool, gym, roofdecks, easy access to restaurants and bars) or rent a house further out of the downtown and have a bigger space and a yard (for a future dog of course). I'm so indecisive and I know it'll proabably take us awhile to make a decision, but hopefully the perfect place will fall into our laps.
These are a few smaller spaces that I would looooove to use as inspiration for a possible downtown location...(next I'll find some more homey apartment images in case we go that route)

Downtown apartment: Usually smaller, contemporary, bright colors contrasting neutrals to make the space feel larger, mirrors, small accent spaces, efficient space savers...(ok these may be more of a dream situation seeing they are gorgeous apartments by themselves, but I love the challenge)

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