Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Savory Part

Finally, I'm getting to post another one of my passions, cooking. I wouldn't say I've mastered it in any way, but I love to eat and cooking started from wanted to recreate everything at home. I'm part Italian and my family are good cooks so I've gotten some good genes in there somewhere. Don't worry, I'll only post the successes...

My favorite food, by far, is pizza. When we moved to Austin it wasn't one of the popular foods so I got a little worried at first. I began to make pizzas at home to feed my cravings, but it was hard to find the perfect crust recipe. I like crust that is a medium thickness with a crispy outside and a doughy inside and after (it seems like) hundreds of trials, I think I've found the perfect recipe. The key to this one is to let the dough sit in the fridge (or freezer) for a few days to let the dough set into itself. I've used it right away and it's definitely not as good. 

I made this bread for dessert and I've always loved the combination of fruit and chocolate and this bread just hits the spot! The perfect sweetness and great for a summer treat

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