Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Minty fresh

Oh man, I've been seriously blogslacking (new word). I don't really have a great excuse except that I've been just focusing on my new apartment the past couple weeks and it seems like I've been going right from work to home to paint, decorate and do little projects and then right to bed. Last night I finally finished the last coat of paint on the mirror, which means I only have our big wall left. Hopefully I can tackle that this week and just enjoy our apartment from now on. I'll be able to start posting some of my projects and pictures very soon.
I started off with my black, gold and white color palette but I knew I needed some color. I saw one space with a pop of a minty green and while I don't usually like pastels, I thought it would be a great balance between the harsher gold and black and the soft, cool mint. Apparently, this is a popular palette lately....



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