Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Designer Designs

I'm always interested in the homes and tastes of other designers, whether it's an interior designer, artist, or in this case, fashion designer Jenni Kayne. It's always interesting to see how their taste gets implemented into their home and how it compares to what they design every day. I never heard of her before this, but after a little investigating it looks like her clothes are comfortable, colorful, and she uses alot of natural looking materials...and her home really seems to compliment that. The outdoors is brought through, from the ceiling and walls, to the light fixtures and accents. Even the paintings have a whimsical, naturistic look to them. I guess when you have the crazy life of a fashion designer you would want to come home to something this simplistic and relaxing (I know I would). I probably wouldn't leave either of those fireplaces!

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