Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Dreaming...

There is one thing that the female will always look for when owning a home, and that's a fabulous closet. It's the female's version of a "man cave", that place where she can go to mull over the ridiculous amounts of clothes, shoes and accessories that she's spent way too much money on over the years. It almost becomes that place to organize your thoughts and just get away from the stress of your life.

This year was the first that I've even had a walk-in at all. I came from Boston apartments where space was tight and I'd be lucky enough to get a closet at all. When I moved to Austin I could actually afford a nicer place and the walk-in was on the top of my ammenity list.

The few things that will be a must-have are:
Large center island with drawers
A beautiful lounge chair in fun upholstery
Of course, a place for shoe display

What are your must-haves?


  1. Sooo truuee!!! Can you please come and explain this to my father who when I told him i wanted to turn our spare bedroom into my walk in said 'It is a waste of money and WHO HAS THAT MUCH STUFF, OR WOULD EVER WANT IT' umm ME thats who.. THANKYOUVERYMUCH! Nick even wanted the center island AND the chandelier!! WTF dad WTF.

    1. PS. This is Martha, I don't know who this Blogger626 business. Clearly come incognito blogger name I had when I was harassing other people on their blog.. nbd.LOVE YOU!

    2. haha...tell your dad it'll help the resale value someday :)
      ps. creepy blogger name