Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Want it Wednesday: Lighting

Every Wednesday I'm going to post 5 of my favorite products of the week and this week I decided to go with my post earlier this week and search for my favorite lamps

There are a few go-to websites that I always gravitate towards first, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, West Elm, and Z Gallerie, but there a few news ones I've come across lately that have some great potential as new favorites (see more below!) 

In any design, it's important to balance the overall design with some key focal points that grab your eye as your moving through or around the space. You want the eye to scan the space with ease but have important places for the eye to stop and reflect. Lighting can really add a great accent and vertically connect the space to make it more dimensional. 

I've been having a recent obsession with gold and bronze. It's rustic and warm while still feeling luxurious. I especially love when a black accent is added. 

::Z-Gallerie- Carlyle Chandelier::
I love the exposed bulb (and the fact that it looks like an oversized wine bottle doesn't hurt!)

::Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams- Ferris Pendant::
The color is incredible and perfect detailing of the little hooks holding the shade

::Finnish Design Shop- Octo Lamp::
The shape is perfect, and has a great scale

::Maison Luxe- Osgood::
I can picture this in my future walk-in closet over a beautiful mirrored table

::Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams- Tully Lamp::
I'm really drawn to the thicker table lamp bases, especially when they have great texture

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