Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Work it!

There is an article on Boston.com last week about women's workspaces and I couldn't agree with them more. We need more fun, sophisticated spaces where we actually want to spend time on all those late nights, whether you're still in school or in the professional world at a home office or in a corporate setting. There should be ways to liven up your space to make you feel comfortable and motivated. Here is a little piece of the article...and some extra images I found.

"You might find yourself working late at night on homework, a blog, a grocery list, a design or just paying the bills, so why not glam it up a bit? These workspaces often do double duty, just like most women I know. This piece is dedicated to all the working girls out there: moms, designers, writers, bloggers, students and everyone in between. You work hard, so I hope these spaces will inspire ideas for your own workspaces. Keep up the good work, ladies!"

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